What is white label SEO? This is a question that many ask themselves as their agency is growing. They confront this because they don’t want to do search engine optimization in-house, or find that their current team is not executing well. This is when they look to outsource SEO to a white labeled SEO provider. Semify has seen this story nearly a thousand times over the last 13 years (semify.com). Let us help you understand the main questions:

What does white label SEO mean?

What does white label website mean?

What is a white label partner?

What is white label outsourcing?

How does white label SEO work?

Here are some actual Semify Reviews to help explain what is like to be a customer:

In 2021 many people believe that SEO has changed into a drastically different marketing game and it was a few years ago. However, Semify understands that the fundamentals of search engine optimization remain largely unchanged regardless of what the bloggers want you to believe. Unfortunately, saying things remain the same does not sell news.  if it bleeds, then it leads, and this leads many writers and bloggers to make outsized claims about what is happening in the white label SEO industry.

Sure, Google is updating their algorithm and trying to change their mathematics so that they’re on page SEO and their back link analysis becomes more efficient to help them sort through high-quality content and only show users pages that they will find helpful. Well this is all true, it is also true that on page SEO signals, and off-site SEO backlink signals, have been stable for Google’s algorithm for over a decade.

Again, customers offer the best possible Semify reviews:

In the white label SEO game, you have to pick a partner who understands what is really happening with the Google algorithm. Of course, we’d recommend Semify. 🙂 You need to work with people who can separate pipe from reality that are also open to the changing landscape in digital marketing. They need to be able to chew on your website adequately, three excellent content for content marketing, and of course to cure high power back leads to your website.

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Finding great white label SEO is not easy. You need to research and find a reliable partner who knows what they are doing online. There are many forms of search engine optimization. Many are not acceptable for real business owners. Know who you are talking to.

There are many factors you need to consider as you search out a great White Label SEO provider. Here are some of the top criteria that should be reviewed in detail as you interview vendors:

  1. Is the SEO Outsourcing Team based on-shore or off-shore.

While offshore SEO work may be appropriate in many cases, there are certainly cases where you want a team in America. Specifically as you focus on content marketing – which is more and more what SEO has become – a US-based content generation team is important. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a big push in white label SEO resellers toward high-quality content. Long-form content is well-known for it’s ranking capabilities and as white label resellers have evolved, they have built their teams with this in mind.

Here are some actual Semify reviews to help shed some light on things:

2. How well can they rank websites in Google

This may seem obvious, but many agencies hire a white label SEO team without really investigating their results. One of the easiest ways to see who has the chops when it comes to ranking in Google is to examine their own rankings for their website. As you interview white label SEO services, note their position on keyword phrases with high cost per click (which implies high value). The firms near the top of those rankings are probably better able to deliver the search engine optimization results you need for your client.

3. How is communication?

Many organizations say they communicate well, but few actually do. As you look into outsourcing SEO, you will want to seek evidence that communication is a priority for the firm. There are several ways to spot this.

a) Do they have an Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey and do they share the results? If they don’t, you should be worried that customer feedback is not really valued. If they do, what has the trend been on these scores? How to they handle the scores internally? Do they call customers who give them poor scores and honestly seek the feedback? Are they really open to process improvement?

Semify uses NPS religiously, and will openly share that data with you. Here are customer sharing Semify reviews online as an example:

b) Do they train their staff on communication? Many firms will put in the bare minimum on training because it is expensive. An outsourced SEO team that can’t communicate well will not help you out in the long run. You need support that will grow with your business – and they need to be trained on communication if you have any hope of doing so. Again, reviews of Semify will answer this question for you if you search online.

c) How professional are their calls. Do they use Video Chat? Are there prepared decks, agendas and detailed documentation? These are all signs of a white label SEO service that has it’s act together. A team that is really able to help agencies out will do all of these things. Their process will be crisp and clear – resulting in great efficiency.

4. What are their metrics for success?

A strong white label SEO reseller firm will have great communication, rankings, and a history of helping agencies grow. They should have ample case studies of other agencies that have significantly improved their revenues. This will entail stories of customer retention and growth. Don’t expect 100% retention – especially in the SEO world. However, the right provider will be able to help you navigate client communication, trouble, refunds and everything else they will throw at you.

5. Software

A great vendor will have all the SEO software you would hope for. SEMRUSH, Ahrefs, Authority Labs, etc. They will not be redundant with these search engine analytics, but will help you interpret the data and give you the insights you need. They need to be helpful and diagnosing search engine ranking issues to understand why a website is moving up or down in Google.

6. Analytics

Hire a firm that not only writes blog posts, does technical SEO and creates great content and links – but one that can also analyze a situation and untangle a website with SEO problems. This is a skill that is hard to find off-shore because the communication is usually a barrier. Even on-shore teams may have poor analytics capabilities. You want a team that can read data, synthesize disparate information sources and come up with a cohesive story that you can share with your client.

7. Price

This is a tricky one. Many people shop for the cheapest white label option out there – which is a mistake. We are not recommending spending your life savings, however you do need to recognize that you get what you pay for. Find a white label search engine optimization service that fits your budget. Let them advise you on what is appropriate pricing. There may be problems in how you are proposing new business to customers that they can help you with – resulting in higher revenues or margins for your agency. A solid white label partner will be able to have this discussion with you and it will feel natural. Keep in mind, you will be doing business together for a long-long time. You should be able to see eye-to-eye on pricing, mark-up and customer value. If not, find another outsourcer.