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Search engine optimization has changed, and yet again, it hasn’t. Most of the digital marketing bloggers want you to think that things change every month – so you will have to read about their latest Google ranking strategy. However, the reality is that search engines are still using the same SEO signals they did years ago. Onsite SEO is critical. Technical analysis of your Title Tag, H1, onsite marketing copy, schema mark-up, and all the rest, is still critical for ranking in Google.

Off-site SEO is also still critical. Backlinks are needed. Anchor text analysis shows that this still matters. Domain rating (or domain authority) still drives who ranks. And relevancy is highly considered by Google when determining who to rank.

There are many white label SEO reseller programs available on the internet today (see, for example – White label SEO Utah). As the history of search engine optimization has progressed many vendors have presented themselves to help agencies Outsource the work involved with SEO.  Indeed search engine optimization has become more complicated as Google has evolved the algorithm for deciding who to rank on page one of their Search index. Many people believe that search engine optimization is no longer reliant on the same factors that drove rankings 10 years ago, however this is not the truth. Google still relies very much on content and links as the primary factors for figuring out who should be on page one for any specific keyword search.

Because the landscape has become more competitive more and more agencies have decided to Outsource SEO rather than completing these activities with internal resources. This is why the white label SEO reseller space has become more crowded. Has more agencies have decided to Outsource more vendors have decided to offer services for those firms seeking to capture their business. The trick has become how to distinguish various white label SEO providers and understand who has a quality service from those that are outdated in ineffective.

In this article we aim to give you the basic overview of what white label search engine optimization really is, how to pick an excellent reseller who knows what they’re doing with SEO, and the common pitfalls you may run into as you Wade through the marketing material from the various vendors.

A little history on where it all began. As far as we can tell the very first White Label SEO reseller program was available in 2008. It was started by a firm in the Philippines with an owner who is actually an expat of the United States. Add move to the Philippines for various personal reasons and had decided that it would be an excellent idea to set up an outsourced SEO shop with very low cost labor because the salaries of people in the Philippines are extremely low. After a few years of solid success helping agencies and web development shops do SEO other firms started to pop up in the space, this time based in the United States. Now there is even White label SEO Utah available.

As competition grew in the white label SEO reseller Market, technology was introduced as a differentiator to help attract business from agencies. Some program started to offer dashboards than agency could private label, put their own logo on, and represent as their own software to their clients. This is an extremely attractive approach because the build your own software is extremely expensive. The idea of white labeling is also not very attractive to large firms with Venture backing because they are working very hard to get their brand promoted. What a software company white labels it means they are forsaking their brand and permitting their customer to claim the software as their own. Has white label SEO reseller dashboards have evolved the features have become more and more sophisticated.

Typical dashboard for SEO now will include data feeds from a ahrefs, semrush and other providers to give you critical metrics about the website and how it is ranking.  Most SEO experts are well-versed in the various data points provided by these analytic platforms I can explain them to their clients. But they can’t do is organize the data and program a system that looks professional,  which is why most white label SEO programs today offer this feature. It is common that this technology is bundled in and does not have an extra charge.

Technology is only the starting point when investigating if possible firm you want to Outsource SEO to. One of the most important aspects is to understand the quality of their actual work.  Particularly if you’re considering an offshore team, quality maybe a large concern due to language differences and cultural differences. SEO has moved more and more in the direction of content marketing which means the quality of the words being presented to the user are of Paramount importance. This gives the offshore team a significant disadvantage compared to US based firms who are doing content marketing.

US based firms are also capable of producing low quality content however. For these reasons you need to be very particular when you are interviewing a possible white label SEO reseller team. You want to ask for examples of the content they have produced and speak to some of the staff who are in the content production operations. It would also be wise to ask what type of rankings they can achieve and ask for some of their better accomplishments and how they got these rankings. If you find a team that tells you all you need to do is write excellent content you should be very skeptical. Any SEO knows that content alone will not rank the required backlinks to move up the serps.

Another critical component to review with your white label SEO outsourcer is how they communicate with their customers. Communication is an often-cited reason for why SEO firms are fired. Again if your team is offshore you may find the communication is particularly problematic. Not only are there large time zone differences  but the language barrier can introduce complexity when you’re trying to give clear instructions for how to do SEO for one of your clients.

Even in America you may find communication is a significant problem for many firms. This is not isolated to the White Label SEO Market. This is a common problem in all of business. As you’re sitting through presentations from a perspective vendor you want to hear things about how they do communication and measure their effectiveness. If they are not treating atopic at all you should be extremely skeptical as you’re not likely to get great customer service.

A firm with great customer service will show you various metrics to prove that they are attentive to your needs and are able to delay customers. They should have regular customer satisfaction surveys if they can show you. They should be well-versed in the net promoter score process which is used by most major businesses and be ready to show you their scores. Their entire team should be well trained on telephonic communication and should have a strong philosophy of Rapid customer response as well as resolution to customer issues. If you’re not seeing any of this your first or second conversation with the firm you probably need to consider a different vendor.

After you’ve established that the firm has great communication can make excellent content with us based writers you now need to take a look at how they build their links. Backlinks are incredibly important component of any SEO campaign and must be evaluated carefully. Google has very specific guidelines for what kind of links they like and what kind of approaches they frown upon and you need to know exactly what you will be getting from your white label team. Many SEO teams are notorious for hiding these techniques and not sharing the back links they’re actually producing with the client. You should avoid any such team in value the teams that have more transparency around how they do their work. When you Outsource SEO you want the product to be white labeled, but you don’t want the techniques to be a mystery. In fact you need to know exactly what your white label team is doing so that you can explain it appropriately to your client and understand how to defuse any confusion or complaints.

Backlinks, like any other product, come in many varieties. Any team that tells you they just have backlinks and doesn’t give you detail about how those links are being created in the techniques used should be avoided.  Many white Label teams use private blog networks to create their backlinks. You need to decide if this is okay for your clients before you engage with the team. Make sure they are explicit about where those links are going and how strong they are and do your own analysis on the quality of the websites they are placing links on. Other teams have relationships with third parties and can gather thanks for you from various newspapers and other Publishers. These are generally more preferable to private networks but you also have to investigate the quality of the placement to ensure they are what your clients expect. The highest level of Link building generally consists of customized Outreach via cold email to new businesses. This has to be more expensive but can result in excellent backlinks for your clients. Regardless of the philosophy used for link building be clear with your white label SEO reseller team what your expectations are and investigate whether they can actually provide these for you.

In the end, finding the right white label SEO reseller team can be extremely time-consuming. As you see from this article there are many factors that need to be considered all of which are hyper critical to the success of your business. Remember the Outsourcing SEO in this fashion is actually placing a large portion of your business in the hands of others. Successful execution of SEO projects is what your clients are paying you for. If you give the work to a team that can’t complete it in a timely fashion you’re placing your business at risk. You may be very enamored by the  sales presentation and material shown to you but make sure the team can actually complete the work and think carefully about what could go wrong in the relationship as you make your selection. A white label program with a track record will be far superior to a brand new one who hasn’t had any clients. A white label reseller with hundreds of clients willing to vouch for them will also be much stronger than a small team with two clients. White label SEO Utah.

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