Why affiliate marketing sucks

If you are new to the Internet, you will probably run into Affiliate Marketing at some point. At first, this will sound like an awesome idea. You sell someone else’s product, and you make money. Moreover, you will think you can make this income from a passive website. You get it up-and-running, the affiliate links are set up in your website, the referring traffic goes to the program and you log into the affiliate dashboard to see how much income you are making.

So you do all this work, and then you log back in after 2 weeks to collect your huge check. Wait! What? I made $0 in the last two weeks?


That’s right. The vast majority of affiliate marketers do NOT make any money… This seems impossible. They guy who sold me the website said I would be making thousands of dollars a month guaranteed!

Ask yourself this question: If it was that easy to make money online, why in the world would that guy be telling you how to do it? He wouldn’t.

That’s the big secret in affiliate marketing that most people will not tell you. They want you to think this is a very lucrative enterprise. But common sense should tell you otherwise.

Anything that sounds too easy or too good to be true, simply is.

Your grandfather was right. Everything is hard work and there is no such thing as a free lunch or easy buck.

And this is how you need to approach internet marketing. You need to realize that you will get out of it what you put in. It’s hard. Passive income is largely a myth.

The Top 5 Outstanding SEO Reseller Strategies

Private label seo

Have you considered becoming an SEO reseller? SEO is one of the most effective forms of marketing around, utilizing search engines and popular keywords to bring organic approaches to customers tired of flashing advertisements and shady campaigns. But knowing how to market and sell SEO to those who need it most can be tricky when older methods, such as print or mail, can seem more familiar. Look below at the top 5 outstanding SEO reseller strategies to better get started on this ever-expanding care Continue reading “The Top 5 Outstanding SEO Reseller Strategies”

Search Engine Optimization Marketing

SEO reseller programOnline marketing has taken over and if you do not have a website with excellent pictures and easy to use tools you will not be able to connect with your customers consistently.  Often questions may be able to be answered with a website is a good way to market your business so that you do not receive an abundance of phone calls that could be directed to your online site.

Brand and SEO marketing

Search engine optimization or SEO marketing embeds in a company’s webpage important key words or phrases that will be pulled from search engines which will give that company a high status standing.  In other words, on any given search engine there will be pages that are attached to certain terms and the goal is to get on that first page of results as it is said that most people will not look past the first or even second page.  So, investigating what key words are important to your product will assure a higher position.  There are companies now that specialize in this form of brand marketing and often will also offer web design services for excellent results from your online advertising.

The search

Outsourcing these activities may be a good idea if your strengths are not in online webpage design because leaving it to the experts can really set your business off on a successful and lucrative path.  There are many excellent companies that are able to utilize your information in a creative manner to assure business to come your way.  They can target new customers for you and help your grow your business.  Knowing what you are looking for is going to assist the resourcing SEO company to develop the best product possible for you.

Start your search by looking on search engines because if they are successful at SEO marketing they will be on the first page closer to the top.  This will assure you that they have a handle on their own techniques.  You need to make some decisions as to how involved you want to be and how creative you want them to be.  This can be an issue if your vision is not captured by the designer and can cause further communication problems.  You want to keep things clean and clearly stated and researching your competition’s web sites is going to be important.  You want to be original in your ideas and in your visuals for your site.  If you look like all the other sites then this can be a turn off.  You want to use some words in descriptions as well as keywords in your company name and any subheading that you may be using.


You have other decisions to make as well such as social media opportunities.  Some SEO resellers will have additional services available to you such as social media web site marketing, writing blogs as well as updates.  These may really be attractive aspects that you will want to consider when you are looking for your reseller along with price listing.  SEO marketing is not cheap and can run you as much as $100 or more per keyword in order to get that top position of the front page of results from a web site search.  You may end up completely redesigning your website in order to allow the correct keywords needed to assure growth of your business.  Keep in mind all the options including the style and functionality of your page.


Many customers look for companies that come across as professional and unique so you want to market your brand to your audience.  Depending on your product and the brand is going to be a major factor in connecting with your customers.  You want your website to be extremely easy to manipulate and make sure that your links are all working.  There is nothing more frustrating that finding a company and then not being able to work with their website and most people will just move on to the next company so you need to maintain your website closely and test it out often.  Many consumers are still not necessarily tech savvy so keeping things simple is an important way to assure growth.  Again, knowing your audience will help you make the decisions that are specific to the complexity levels of your website.

Local SEO

If you are a smaller business that is dependent on face to face contact to make sales and online sales are not the main income then you are going to want to choose Local SEO marketing products so that the people closest to your business will be able to easily locate you.  If you are a national company without a local headquarters you may not need or want this software.  It is a nice aspect for many consumers to know that they can easily shop for and return items to a physical brick and mortar location.  Getting your information out there is the most important way to steer business in your direction which will expand your marketing base and sales.


SEO Reseller Awesomeness

SEO RESELLER WHITE LABEL OUTSOURCEIn an effort to boost rankings on the search engines and bring more hits in to your website, it all hinges on taking advantage of what is called search engine optimization.  SEO is the practice of making subtle changes to a website in an effort to get it ranked higher on search engines.  This is done by making the content reflect the algorithms that the search engines are currently looking for.  There is more to it than that of course, but that is where it starts.  While no one knows the exact algorithms that the search engines are currently using, there are many equations and variables that these algorithms employ are known.  The real issue with this is the fact that SEO and as a result SEO reseller programs can be elaborate enough to take months to put into place and implement.  While you are busy running a business, you won’t have time to handle all of this yourself.  For that reason, more and more business owners are beginning to outsource SEO.  This allows the business owner to pay for their content to be created and not need to worry about it.  SEO resellers have the knowledge that is necessary to create website content and articles that have been specifically designed not just for the required information, but also for the search engines.  This will not only assist with the rankings on the search engines, it will also bring in more money as a result of the higher rank of the search engines.  You can get more sales and thus, more revenue.

Boost Website Rankings

There is not enough space provided here to list all of the things that come in an SEO reseller program, but rest assured that all of them have been designed to get your site farther up on the rankings from the search engines.  What is actually required will depend on the actual website in question.  That being said, having an understanding of some of the basics of what these resellers do can assist you in knowing which changes might be made to your website.  Keywords play a massive role in the rankings with the search engines.  While the normal information and content may not need to be changed, an SEO reseller plan may include making changes to the long tail keywords that are used throughout your website once the current search engine trends have been analyzed and have dictated the phrases that are being searched for the most.

Aside from keywords, an SEO reseller might also change a few of the Meta tags as well as a bit of the website’s coding, even though now this doesn’t make much of a difference in terms of SEO anymore.  Creating backlinks to other websites and blogs will also be a part of a white label SEO program.  Also, social media is now playing a large role on the world of business.  If your business is not on social media, then it isn’t really relevant.

Finding the Right SEO Reseller

Once you have made the decision to outsource your SEO, you will need to find an SEO reseller who will be a good fit for your company.  Even if you understand everything that goes into SEO, you shouldn’t just sign with the first SEO reseller you come across.  Instead, there is some criteria that you need to look for in the SEO reseller that you hire.  If you do this, you can lessen the chances that something will go wrong while also understanding the best method of outsourcing the material that will be created.

  1. Package deals.  Some SEO resellers will sell their services a la carte while others will bundle various services together in a variety of package deals.  This can really end up saving you money if you need a large amount of SEO services.  If you only need to tweak a few things though, you might consider going with the a la carte menu.
  2. Ask for and check references.  Look into the results the reseller in question has had with previous clients.  Remember that if you get no answer at all from references or if the reseller can’t provide you with references, they either don’t have experience or the past clients were not happy with the work that was provided.  Things in particular to look for are drastic improvements on the search engine rankings or even a ranking on the front page of those rankings.
  3. Any results that are shown should be tempered at first.  It takes time for the search engines to catalog any changes that have been made to a website.  Realize that a boost in search engine rankings is not an overnight process.  If an SEO reseller promises to get you first page ranking overnight, they are lying, run far and run fast.  SEO results might actually take several weeks before there is any visible change at all.

Be smart, cover all of your bases and interview at least 3 SEO resellers before you decide on one.  Make sure that the one you choose will be the ideal fit for both you and your business and you can make money by hiring the right SEO reseller.

How SEO Reseller’s are Beneficial

SEO resellerThere are many things that should be considered when choosing a SEO reseller plan. There are many costs that go into a business and finding a cost effective alternative to outsource SEO can be found with white label SEO companies. It is important conduct research about the SEO reseller company because not all SEO reseller programs are created equal.  An SEO reseller will make sure the businesses quality is maintained at a high level, that their systems are easy to use, that they work with local SEO’s, and can determine which platform is best for the business to show their clients.

SEO reseller services can be very helpful for those businesses that are involved with web design and marketing businesses. In those types of businesses they may not have the man power or expertise to provide the search engine optimization services that are needed for their clients. SEO resellers cooperate with other businesses and help them to provide more services to their clients while gaining profit in return. If ones business is lacking in resources and lacks the experience in web programming then SEO reseller services are necessary. This is not only a benefit for the business; it helps build a strong customer base between companies also. Customers would be able to obtain all the services that are needed in one package. It is important to take the time and choose the company that fits the business best and if one does not receive the answers they like then they can move on to another company. The best advice is to work with a company that has all in one packages. This saves a lot of time and can help build a better customer base. This may cost more, but the pros will outweigh the negatives and the business can have the comfort of knowing that they chose a reseller that stays on top of things and uses services that will not get penalized. It is very important to maintain open and good communication with the SEO reseller and discuss how both sides should be working together.

Next, there are things that can go wrong if the right company is not picked such as penalties, scams, and angry customers. It is important to be organized if a one wants their clients to see the best results. It is great to outsource SEO work, but the business itself still has work they have to do on their own. SEO is always changing, which means the business and resell company has to constantly change their ways. It is always important to choose a company that has reviews and even review the companies that one has used to help others out with choosing the best reseller. When a business reports on the work that they have done they need to include the anchored text, the URL, and any other details that need to be known. This gives evidence that can be passed on to other clients and if the service does not include a detailed report that is usually considered a red flag.

Also, outsourcing SEO with the use of white label software can allow the company to use its own branding while the reseller provides the functionality and resources to better the company. There are other things that businesses want and need to focus on and outsourcing SEO can help with that. White label SEO software does most of the work and will find a solution that will fit the needs of the business. It is also important to choose a SEO reseller that uses leads that shows their online sales, leads, and other things that can be used to measure success.  Having an open and trusting relationship with the SEO reseller is important and finding one that will create multi model content can help the business. When choosing a reseller it is helpful if they provide examples of their work.  Providing videos and tutorials and screen shots can really help the business know that they are a credible SEO reseller. Having a variety of packages is also something that can help a business. The more options available the better results the business will have and can be found when searched.

These were just a few points that show why SEO reseller helps. Customers are more likely to stick with a company if the SEO resellers are able to gain extra profits and deliver new customers at the same time. With that there are many important things that have to be considered when choosing a SEO reseller company. Determining the quality of the company and if they provide customer feedback can show how well their relationships are with other clients and if they might be a good fit. SEO reseller plans that are easy to use and cover all that the business needs will keep a customer coming back each time.