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Have you considered becoming an SEO reseller? SEO is one of the most effective forms of marketing around, utilizing search engines and popular keywords to bring organic approaches to customers tired of flashing advertisements and shady campaigns. But knowing how to market and sell SEO to those who need it most can be tricky when older methods, such as print or mail, can seem more familiar. Look below at the top 5 outstanding SEO reseller strategies to better get started on this ever-expanding career field!

Know Your Facts!

Let’s start off with the most important trait — know what makes SEO so effective! It’s been found that customers generally dislike a lot of popular ad campaigns, with as many as 80% skipping paid ads entirely, and gravitate toward more natural results. SEO creates simple and informative articles that compliment, rather than insult, a customer’s intelligence.

Using Search Engines

It’s estimated over 90% of online experiences begin with a popular search engine and over 100 billion global searches are conduct each month. That’s no small sum! This is one of the most important aspects to stress to a business who wants to use SEO, as the more customers that see their work — the better!

What Are Inbound Leads?

Inbound leads have been found to cost 60% less than outbound leads. Inbound leads, like SEO, involve more customer interaction while outbound leads, like direct mail, are more expensive and generally less reliable. When’s the last time you were given a pamphlet and tossed it in the garbage bin?

Better Than Social Media

Did you know that search engines are the #1 driver of traffic to online websites, beating out social media by a startling 300%? While getting a Twitter or microblogging website is a good start, SEO helps pave the way for consistent and memorable results.

Being The Best SEO Reseller

While a little knowledge is helpful, selling SEO is more than just quoting statistics — it’s convincing a business that combining their ideals with modern technology is the best way to stay relevant in a rapidly changing market. Keep in mind these top 5 outstanding SEO reseller strategies and proceed in your new career with confidence!

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