White label SEO platforms are one way that companies are handling the challenges they face because of the pandemic. From the need for additional digital marketing content to the constant monitoring of the latest internet trends, these white label SEO platforms provide their clients with a wide range of services. Many of these white label SEO platforms will provide a free version of their services, but it is important to note that when these companies provide the metrics showing internet penetration they are also likely to also show how doing even more would produce bigger and better results. Transitioning from the free white label reseller program to the whiter label SEO platforms that come with monthly fees is a decision that many companies have to make and often this is a decision based on finances.

Internet Marketing Changes Allow Businesses to Stay Connected to Customers Even When In Person Shopping is Limited
If someone would have told you what the year 2020 was going to be like you probably would not have believed them.
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The reality of the pandemic, however, is that many individuals, families, and businesses have been forced to completely rethink the lives that they live. From moving to online and curbside pick up groceries to online consultations with doctors to having your entire sales staff work remotely from home, there are many ways that the pandemic has altered the way we live our lives and do our jobs.

Fortunately, white label SEO platforms have been able to provide a playbook for how to make some of the transitions that have been expected of businesses. And when everything is said and done and company owners are able to take a step back and look at the big picture, it is comforting to know that in almost all cases CUSTOMER RELATIONS still matter the most:

  • Caring about the clients you work with, whether they are a large corporation or an individual, is what makes the best companies stand out from the rest.
  • Unless a business focuses on the individual needs of its customers and clients it is impossible to reach the potential you imagine for your business.
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    Teaching your employees to model respectful and meaning full relationships within the office can, in fact, translate into taking the same approach with clients.
  • Sales numbers improve when marketing teams understand how to truly connect with both current and potential clients. Daily conversations and check ins work with some businesses, but monthly conversations will work with others. Understanding this differentiation allows a company to reach its potential.
  • The use of online content resellers allow many companies to cater to the specific needs of clients.
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    And while a large company may need one set of connections, it is not unusual to expect that a smaller company might need something different.
  • One thing that this year of Zoom calls and video chats has taught many business owners is that while many tasks can move online, it is still important to find ways to allow for those casual conversations that used to happen at the water cooler and in the hallways. All work and no play really does make for a duller existence, and as the weather is getting warmer many businesses are finding a way for employees and clients to safely meet in person for limited amounts of time.
  • Making and keeping appointments remains important.
  • Every business deal that can be done in person might be worth pursuing.
  • Research continues to show that a combination of working from home and in person is the best solution.

  • Reconnecting in person with customers when it is safe is essential.
  • Every customer has different needs, so it is important to touch base on a regular basis.
  • Loyalty is often fostered by authentic conversations that may not always happen online.
  • As the challenges of the pandemic begin to diminish, it is important to make every possible effort to meet in person with your top customers.
  • The pandemic has created a whole new set of rules for meetings, but those rules will eventually need to be reevaluated.
  • In person conversations foster long lasting relationships.
  • Outsourcing SEO tasks remains a great option for many businesses.
  • No one wants to be on Zoom forever.
  • Showing customers that you understand their needs is an important part of being a successful people manager and business owner.

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